Helping Our Local Community

Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the recent catastrophic events caused by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. The effects of these events have touched many aspects of life in these communities, including the organizations and school districts that transport students safely to and from school every day. In an effort to help these communities recover, the Blue Bird School Bus Foundation is taking donations where 100% of the proceeds will go toward rebuilding efforts in the affected communities. Please consider donating today! Click Here to go to the donation page.

The Blue Bird School Bus Foundation Inc. (“Foundation”) is a Georgia nonprofit corporation with the mission to bring enrichment to charities services in our community and region in which we work and live. The Foundation’s goal is to assist in the furtherance of certain charitable purposes and organizations as determined by the Board of Directors. More specifically, the Foundation will serve as a receptacle for charitable gifts, grants and contributions and aims to identify various charities on a semi-annual basis to be supported by the Foundation. In doings so, the Foundation hopes to foster alliances and increase awareness of the charity’s charter and oversee the distribution of funds on an ongoing basis.