Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the recent catastrophic events caused by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. The effects of these events have touched many aspects of life in these communities, including the organizations and school districts that transport students safely to and from school every day. In an effort to help these communities recover, the Blue Bird School Bus Foundation is taking donations where 100% of the proceeds will go toward rebuilding efforts in the affected communities. Please consider donating today! Click Here to go to the donation page.


At Blue Bird School Bus Foundation, we offer financial support to organizations that meet our mission's criteria.

While the Foundation will concentrate on charities within its community, the Board of Directors may from time to time choose to fund other worthy causes outside the immediate community, but within North America. All funds disbursed from the Foundation will go to exempt purposes as defined in section 501 (c) (3). In making its decisions on which organization will receive funds, the Foundation will consider the following key criteria:

  1. Is the organization exempt under 501 (c) (3)?
  2. Does the organization benefit student age children (under 19 years old)?
  3. Does the organization directly support the needs and expenses of underprivileged or otherwise in need constituent?
  4. What is the organization’s percentage of funds going to support awareness, advertising and litigation versus direct support of the cause?
  5. Does the organization support research, if so, what?
  6. What is the administrative expense ratio of the organization?
  7. What is the mission statement of the organization?
  8. What are the average annual incoming donations of the organization for the last three calendar years?

If you feel your charity qualifies for financial support from the Blue Bird Foundation, please fill out the form below.